A review of Time Bridges 2: Gorean’s Return, by Elisa Romero

Please see my review of Time Bridges, (the original), to learn about my connection to the Author. I am biased. But still objective!

Time Bridges 2 picks up right in the middle of things, where Book 1 left off. But advance 6 months. Not much has changed since we left them. Except now Piffle and Kendris are working as a team.. And there’s some new shit-bags in town, putting cramps in everyone’s plans, trying to bring down the world, revenge kill people – that kind of thing.

Time Bridges 2 is an action packed tale, leading us to many new locations, with new beings, and a whole new set of problems; along with a seriously huge problem Piffle must figure out – and stop – before Elleyon ends the world as they know it.

Throw in a few resurrections, telepathic giants, sentient ice wolves, hive mind time controlling Matronites, revenge plotting Goreans, a still missing friend Terrel, a wedding that no-one asked for, a nuclear end times event, time travel, zombie time bridges… and more!

I promise you, you will not want to put this story down until you have consumed it completely. Twice. A must read, and a worthy, satisfying continuation from Time Bridges, the original.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


1. Story pacing?
Action non stop. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what is happening now! 8/10

2. Story character arcs?
Our main characters, and some minor ones all make growth.

  • Kendris isn’t such a jerk anymore, he seems like he’s trying to be a better person.
  • Piffle has grown into someone who knows what she’s doing and accepts where she is. She takes her hard upbringing, and applies it to her skills, and also has a soft spot for helping people who can’t help themselves.
  • Lance, morphs into a nice guy, doing good things, and not trying to kill everyone.
  • Sera learns she isn’t simply a weapon or a ‘Dummy’ she was raised as, she learns to grown and help and care for those around her.
  • Ziz is an incorrigible teen, with a lot of sass, but seems to be growing as a sentient being, despite the talk-back.
  • Jon-Jon learns not to be such a dick, and tries to make amends for his younger self.
  • Ice Wolves help Piffle, even though they don’t really want to. But they may grow as a sentient civilization, and end up stop being hunted as a result. 8/10

3. Story arc?
Story has a nice full plot, most arcs tie up into a nice clean bow at the end. There’s a few snagglers, but thy aren’t things we desperately need answers for from the story – but more like an epilogue, setting up the next installment in the series. 8/10

4. Story writing quality?
A handful of spelling errors and other minor editing issues – which detracted from the overall enjoyment. Some confusion with pronouns for the AI Vie. Specifically they are first called ‘They,’ and then in the following moment ‘she’. Now while strictly speaking, that isn’t faux paux, people do use they/them/her. But I would have expected in this scenario to stick to the non-binary they/them. Felt more like an editing error than a proper pronoun use. 7/10

5. Story wokeness? ( tolerable / gag me)
Nothing over the top. (Yay!) I did not gag. 10/10

6. Grates against my annoyances?
At several points I wasn’t sure how we got from A to B , and wished the missing details had been fleshed out better, for a more continuous feel to the story 7/10

Such as:

  • Piffle and Kendris resurrecting in a different time stream
  • Piffle has a soft spot for helpless things
  • Sera’s half-breed mind being poison. More details and explanation please.
  • why would Vie allow the Ice Wolves to take the Giant ‘zombie’ [unexplained] time bridges? And allow them to work? She is in charge of all bridges, isn’t she?
  • how can Lance and Tom ‘know’ they for sure destroyed all the giant’s resurrection ships?
  • how did Jon-Jon, [ and presumably: Sera, the other giant kids + animals,] survive the jump pack to nuclear First world?

7. Grates against my annoyances? (fictional words)
Nothing major going on, aside from all the fictional races, and locations. Some tongue twisting, but for the most part pronounceable, and ok to remember. 8/10

8. Story romance level?
There’s a thing going on between Piffle and Kendris. Building tensions. And attractions. Honestly, I think the story would have been perfectly fine without it, and for me it was a bit of a detraction, not adding value to the overall arcs of story and characters. But that – is a personal thing. Science fiction, any story really – does not require romantic entanglements to be complete. 7/10

9. Story readability?
Biggest things for me were the discontinues in arc, as mentioned above, and the minor editing and spelling issues, as mentioned above. Overall it’s an easy fun read, lots going on, but still not so complex you need an org chart to keep up and keep your mind straight on all the details. 7/10

10. Story Completeness (did it end on a cliff hanger, or a see my next book!)?
We did have a bit of a cliff hanger, but more of a tease of a coming book. [We hope?] Overall the story felt complete. 9/10

11. Did the story cover familiar ground, or go new places?
The world building was done in The first Time Bridges, so in that regard it is familiar – but it immediately takes us to many new worlds, with new sentient beings, and loads of new ideas, societies, wars, action accoutrements, etc. 10/10

12. Was there anything I wanted to know that was left unanswered?
Actually, I did have several unanswered questions… plot threads that left me confused:

  • who is the other Piffle with Terrel?
  • I have confused thoughts regarding the bridges. We are told that Vie, is the keeper of the bridges. Vie being an Artificial Intelligence, and the ‘mother’ of all the consciousnesses installed into the bridges. We are told: no one gets a bridge unless Vie approves. All bridges are from Vie. BUT>>>> we were also told the Gorean woman created two bridges, that can manipulate time. So… now all the sudden there are bridges, not created by Vie, and either Vie approved the AI consciousness into them (which seems the conclusion, because Ziz was sooo happy to go back to the dome to see Vie. So none of that adds up very nicely. And if Vie created the bridges (not said Gorean captive) then why isn’t there more with time manipulating ability? There could be countless, no reason for there to be Just. Two. And if that is the case: why would Vie grant a bridge to the evil Elleyon? With time stopping ability????
  • Furthermore: I have confused thoughts about Elleyon. If she’s so bent on war with the Kaneans, and plans to jump to an unexpected time to surprise them: would it not be 100% logical to go BACK in time before the Kaneans would know there is a conflict? As opposed to going forward – after a conflict, when the Kaneans will always be weary and expecting them to show to start a war? Of course the Kaneans didn’t know she had a bridge that can manipulate time, but still, they would expect her to show eventually, right? I don’t understand why the logic in going forward, not back? 6/10

13. Things I really liked / or didn’t like?
Time bridges is an exceptionally creative story, and I really can’t think of anything else out there like it. It’s unique, fun, action packed, filled with characters we care about and want to follow. Can’t wait for Time Bridges 3… assuming there is one. 10/10

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