A Review of: Battle of the Linguist Mages, by Scotto Moore

Wow, this book has a LOT going on. It’s is entirely unique, and unlike anything else you’ve read. The masterful play on words, used for the labeling of all the weapons, spells, and locations in the Sparkle Dungeon Games, is truly masterful, and highly entertaining.

But just when I thought the book was going to be about a video game, because it spends a lengthy amount of time setting you up in the Sparkle Dungeon world, so you have a firm grasp on it all… It switches the game.

The majority of the book, is Not actually in the game, but does directly tie to it, and everything we learned. So that’s a plus.

It’s a action packed, exceptionally fun, highly creative story. You might need an org chart to keep track of the special details, but it’s well worth the read. And a nice , big, long, book at that. You all know how much I adore a big book.

The story introduces us to Isobel Bailey. Who is the Queen of the Sparkle empire… reigning champion of 4 installments of the online multi player Sparkle Dungeon series. She’s a masterful spell caster in the game…. Which translates to the skill that carries her thru the rest of the story.

Power Morphemes. Logosphere, Alien Punctuation Marks?!?!?! Yes. All this and more.

It’s a true battle of good over bad/[evil], and a quest to save… everything. Sparkle Dungeon lays the foundational skills for the task in front of Isobel, which she works thru like the tireless, civilization saving, Queen that she is, in fact.

I can’t even begin to describe the journey Isobel takes, without my 5000 words cliff-notes version of the plot. So many things happen. And none of them are as anything you have ever experienced.

I can tell you – you will not want to put this book down. However, your brain will thank you for taking it in 1- 2 hour chunks, so you can absorb what you read and try to understand it! Simply because it is so very unusual. And fast paced. Don’t blink, or take a breath, or you will miss a vital moment.

Highly enjoyable. Extremely creative. Double thumbs up, and can’t wait to see the movie [that I hope gets optioned from this book.]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

1. Story pacing?
Very high paced, and fast moving. Sometimes maybe even too much? No. But seriously. Non stop action. 9/10

2. Story character arcs?
Story was expertly written. Every character starts in one place, and clearly grows and changes. Not always for the best. But no one sits idle or stagnant. 10/10

3. Story arc?
Yes. Lol. This book had a million arcs. All so detailed, and complex, and thorough. The ending fell flat, in that it was a condensed feeling of ‘oh what? I have to tie it all up in the next 24 hours? Ok, done?’ feel to it. 8/10

4. Story writing quality?
Truly epic tale, written with a highly masterful touch. From the story line, to the intricate details, so the many entertaining plays on words. 10/10

5. Story wokeness? ( tolerable / gag me)
Every character in this book, is introduced with pronouns. Even when the narrator is unsure, they make a point of pointing that out, and why they’re using what they are…. It’s interesting… but also tiring. There is one Non-Binary character.. And It felt like they were the token ‘wokeness’. 6/10

6. Grates against my annoyances? Used the word beat in one instance, near the end; so sad, I thought we were going to make it through a book without a single offending use. 1/10

7. Grates against my annoyances? (fictional words) There’s plenty of words I didn’t recognize, such as ‘morpheme’. But in fact it is a real word. And logosphere. Etc. So, intriguing, as I think I’m pretty well read and educated, but this book blew past me with more then a handful of words I had to research to understand batter, to understand their use in the story. I’m not so much annoyed with that, just surprised. 7/10

8. Story romance level?
There is a thing starting between characters Maddy and Isobel. While we get to the point they’re into each other, and begin a romantic entanglement, the story itself is 99% hands off on the details; which frankly is a refreshing turn of events. The friction between them, that grows to friendship, then into more, works well within the plot, and never felt like it was there ‘to add the romance’ string to the story. It was an important factor in hoe they interact, and the growth of both characters. All while not getting bogged down in details, or telling us things that didn’t matter to the story. 8/10

9. Story readability?
Put your geek glasses on to read this one. And don’t be afraid to google a word. It helps. Also be ready for the sparkelpult, glitter-bombs, armor piercing bedazzler rays, electronic dance mace, and more hilarious play on words use. However, it is a very complex story, and you will feel like you need an org chart to keep it all straight. Not to mention, all the unfamiliar terminology used. 7/10

10. Story Completeness (did it end on a cliff hanger, or a see my next book!)? I believe the story did do an excellent job tying up all the millions of plot strings. However, the ‘end’ portion of the story was extremely short, rushed, and lacking the lovely detail and fantastic story the rest of the book had. It was more of a “and that’s how it ended. The end’. Kinda feel. Disappointing. 7/10

11. Did the story cover familiar ground, or go new places?
Oh snap, damn. It is 99% all new places. [I read a pile of reviews comparing this story to Ready Player One; but honestly, I don’t think it was anything like that. Unless you could ‘there’s a video game’ as the only thing that matters? Yes. There is a video game. But the story is Not a video game.] This book is unlike anything I have ever read. It blew my mind, and I loved every second if it. 10/10

12. Was there anything I wanted to know that was left unanswered? So much happened.. Probably there was things I wanted to know… but for the most part – nothing sticks out. 10/10

13. Things I really liked / or didn’t like?
Th masterful plays of words for all the elements, spells, locations, costumes, characters of the Sparkle Dungeon. Oh, and the use Of Interrobangs!? I love me some interrobangs. A punctuation mark that really is sorely missing oor our daily use. [Or maybe that’s the punctuation marks talking for me?…]

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