A Review of: Fugitive Telemetry, by Martha Wells

The Murderbot. I love this series so much – it is a perfect blend of action, scifi, mystery, problem solving, snarkiness, & personality.

Murderbot is my favourite character out there today.

5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My main gripe is all the stories ARE WAY WAY WAY TOO SHORT.

I have read all the books. Devoured, really. But this is my first review.. Similar comments apply to all the previous: loved it, too short, amazing character, excellent details, perfection of snarkiness, etc.

Murderbot is a highly developed character with many layers of complexity, and detail.

I am entertained beyond words, at the way the specific fine details of how Murderbot is uncomfortable with human interaction – are played out. Moments like: ‘The humans stared at me. My drones looked at their faces, so I don’t have to. I looked at the wall to the right of their faces. It was still uncomfortably close to looking them in the eye. The way they’re looking at me caused my efficiency rating to drop to 97%. ‘ [Not a direct quote – just inspired by many an awkward moment.] the reader is never given an opportunity to forget how much Murderbot detests dealing with humans, and their sloppy emotions, and humanness. It peppers the entire story [all of them] but in a way that is not tiring, but highly entertaining. Murderbot’s ‘voice’ is best described as sarcastic, without patience, and beyond witty. I can not get enough.

While reading some other reviews of this book – it surprised my just how many readers call Murderbot he/him. If you have read all the books, you were CLEARLY informed this is not the case.

Murderbot says: “I don’t have any gender or sex-related parts (if a construct has those you’re a sexbot in a brothel, not a murderbot.)” (read more on that in this thoughtful article.)

And then there was this discussion on Reddit, which was interesting…

About the story: We already know and love Murderbot. The book [novella] jumps right in where the last left off – making assumptions you know what you need to know.

Murderbot gets hired to help solve a murder. Naturally, it isn’t straightforward. There are many twists, and setbacks, and gains along the way. The humans of the space station, do not trust Murderbot, on basis that they just don’t know better and make assumptions, because it’s a SecUnit. However, as the case progresses, Murderbot’s value becomes evident, along with it’s humanity. [Snicker]. Murderbot is eventually accepted as a valuable member of the team, and is really the reason the murder gets solved, along with all the other mysteries that add to it along the way. It’s a fun, exciting, action packed little adventure. Somehow, in it’s extremely short length, there is enough detail in the story that it doesn’t feel as though details were skipped, or skimped on.

But I BEG you Martha Wells – please stop with these tidbit stories. They’re cruel and unusual punishment. Give us the 700 page story (or 1000) that we all want and deserve. Most of all, that Murderbot deserves.

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