A Review of: This Is Not the Jess Show by, Anna Carey

Spoiler…. This IS the Jess Show. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Ok, so a re-imagining of the premis of movie Truman Show. But set in modern times, but the show is ‘set’ in the 90’s. With some slight differences. 

It was ok, I guess. It just didn’t feel very interesting. It was a mostly fun read, just overall pretty meh. I see it is a YA category novel, with tracks, for a lot of the simplicity of plot, and emotional levels. 

When you’re reading… if you start it, and don’t know it’s a reality show where the one person (Jess) doesn’t know it’s being filmed, and acted… much of it is a little ‘off’. Which, makes sense when you know all the other people are ‘actors’. [Right – I didn’t know this was the plot – so I guess that’s fun?] Why are the best friends picking apart and analyzing everything Jess says, does, thinks? Oh, because it’s for the viewers! 

 Tired, though; is all this leaves me with. I could have lived without reading this one. 

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