A Review of: A History of What Comes Next, by Sylvain Neuvel

Definitely did not enjoy this one…

Rating: 2 out of 5.

The voice used was tiring. “I am telling you what I am doing. I am thinking. I don’t know? I can’t remember. Where am I? Right. The house. Oh, who’s that?” … Nope, no thank you, this was terrible writing. Just shoot me now. I do not need an entire book that is play by play of every thought in a characters head. 

 Then, there was the use of first person account (was not done well enough to pull it off.) Except: told by two people – Plus, switching back and forth between mother and daughter – with little to no use of standard writing protocols letting you know who said it..tiring, annoying, exhausting, and confusing! 

Author breaks cardinal sin of using the term beat. Extra bad points here as the person saying it is in nazi Germany, and I can bet they didn’t use that terminology at that time. Maybe I’m wrong – but it seemed extra sloppy in that regard. 

About the story…. Set primarily in the time of world wars, and based much of the book in Germany during the war, with hitler, and Nazis. Very depressing, and not an enjoyable read, on that regard. 

As for the content – generations of mother-daughters protecting a knowledge, and using it to ‘push’ humanity in their ability to ‘get to space’. …ok, somewhat interesting. But not enough of that in the story to make it stick and be the focus of the plot it seems like it should be.

Story plot and arcs: … book didn’t tie up the plots. At all. We are implied the characters MIGHT be from another planet… but we never know. We are implied they might have devices or ability to contact said other planet. We never know. The hunters eventually catch the mother and daughter. But there is no resolution to the story arc. There is no conclusion to this story. And not even in a ‘we left you with a rotten cliff hanger you must return to find out about’ – nope, just a fizzle, and a lack of resolution. We don’t know what happened to them… and frankly, do not care, either. 

I do not recommend this book, it was a slog to read from front to end, and with no story resolution to reward you… meh. Pass. 

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