A review of: The Future Is Yours, by Dan Frey

My first impressions of this book – as interesting as it is – is I absolutely hate the writing style. It feels like it’s written for tv. It is not pleasurable reading. Jumping back and forth and all over the place every few pages. Now. The past. The childhood moments (re: info dump). The congress trial. The future. The beginning of the company. It’s tiring. It lacks the ability to feel continuity. Way too much jumping around. 

It’s so exhausting, I almost want to stop reading this book. But despite all the shortcomings – I am interested in what will happen. 

Then there’s the moment where the author breaks one of my Crimes Against Writing Rules – using the term ‘beat.’ [and in my mind – a true sign this probably was written for tv. Or by someone who doesn’t write novels, but writes episodes of shows.] You probably heard my utter disgust outburst when I got to the Beat usage. Shame on the editor for allowing this. 

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

*** mild spoilers ahead** 

This story is ‘Woke’ [insert hard eyerolls] and the author wants you to know it. The main characters are an Indian Immigrant, and an African American poor boy. Who have to work so hard to get ahead, and go to college. Then we must let you know, how important image is – because he’s a black CEO of a tech startup. [more eyerolls.]. 

But ok, so we roll the childhood challenges of culture and racism into the story. 

Smart boy, believes he can use Quantum Physics to ‘communicate’ with technology in the future. Such as – today computer connects with itself in the future, and you can see/search/read whatever id there. News, emails, social media, stocks, whatever. 

And the pickle of moral quandary of it. Which brings us back the present of the book (or one of the multiple parts that jumps around) – hearing with congress about whether this technology can even be allowed to exist, and be sold to the public. They believe it will end humanity. They don’t say in detail – but imply like the whole of civilization is going to implode and cease to exist, as a result.

It’s hard to imagine how this story is going to continue, and how it will resolve itself. But I suppose I will have to continue reading to the end to find out if it can end in a satisfying way. 

Well. The story continued in the same vein. Except , add more turmoil between people through out, increasing… until…the machine is possibly not reliable at all and the creators decide to pull the plug. Or don’t! It’s a completely unresolved ending. The story does not get finished. 

Well hats off to the author – a gratingly annoying book, ends with.. No ending. Bravo! 0 stars. 

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