A Review of: Do You Dream of Terra-Two, by Temi Oh

Overall, I enjoyed reading this story of a first expedition journey to inhabit a nearby  habitable planet. 

It felt more about the interpersonal relationships and challenges of the team of astronauts chosen, than the space side of the trip. The people interactions is the story, and the trip Terra-two is the plot. It takes a backseat to most of the primary going on’s. I do wish it was more up front and had been the primary part of the story. 

But in the end, it was a decent blend. We follow a group of teenagers as they train through a school program, to the point of being the ones selected to make the journey, as well as. A handful of seasoned space travellers. 

The  team consists them of 6 teenagers, to make the 23 year long  trip, and 4 seasoned astronauts, who are along for various reasons, though some not expected t live to the end of the journey – which they accept as part of the mission. To be there to train the younger crew for a decade or whatever, until they are no longer living. 

The younger crew… are young. They have a lot of growing pains from teenage angst, to  insecurity, to doubt, to fear. Some even in the end don’t complete the trip. They suffer from  jealousy, anger, depression, even suicidal thoughts. Lust. Insecurities…. But do it all in a highly competitive space program, and then space ship. An interesting twist to your usually growing up story. They have a mission. Some of them, it is the only thing they have ever wanted. But are they old enough to understand their choice, the sacrifice, then mission? The dangers – and the reality of  the rest of their lives? We learn that the answer is a pretty hard NO. How could they? How could anyone – when no one has ever made such a trip before? 

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