A review of Axiom’s End, by Lindsay Ellis

Touted as an Alternate History about Earth’s first contact with Aliens…. The story begins in 2007, in the middle of multifaceted situation of turmoil. Our main character – Cora is late for work because her car dies. (Well, late-er; as she was late before it dies.) To a temp Job. That she only has, because her mom put in a good word for her through the temp agency at which she is employed. Sounded like it was hanging by a thread also. Then, we’re made to know there is much turmoil concerning Cora’s father. Who is physically out of the picture. And also a famous Conspiracy Theorist. Shortly after, a meteorite hits earth nearby. The second one… for which the first… you got it – was after the fact rolled into an Alien Conspiracy Theory. 

That’s in the first couple chapters or so. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

*** Mild Spoilers Ahead ***

Axioms End – indeed a story about aliens on planet Earth. That part turned into truth, quite quickly. 

It is a very creative and interesting take on a First Contact story. It was well thought out, and well developed. The alien species was detailed, and clear in their physiological, biological, societal differences. Even to the very clear point that they probably didn’t consider Humans “people” due to not being nearly as advanced. (Though, while that point was made, and clear differences were spotlighted – it wasn’t really clear that these beings were SOooOOooOooo much more advanced than humans, – aside from them saying so, several times. )

Overall, I found the plot to be intricate, and well thought out, with much detail, non stop action, and a satisfying conclusion, leaving no loose plot strings. Did I mention it is non-stop action?

My biggest pet peeve though; was at the end when Ampersand reveals to Cora he chose to Fusion Bond to her (To keep her safe, not necessarily because he ‘wanted to, that is a bit unsaid, and the lack of want is somewhat implied. Or at least it seemed that way to me.) – she replied with a thud of an ‘oh.’ And come on, by that point – we all know she Wanted this too – in a real, emotional way, even if she hadn’t fully thought it through – all her actions regarding Ampersand pointed to this. So, it seemed at odds that response almost came off with a hint of disgust, as opposed to the relief that seemed like it should be in that moment. Sure, she needs time to process this – and fully understand what it means, But, it just didn’t sit right with me. And then: we all want to know just exactly what this means!!!!!!! But no actual details were given. Disappointed about that. Inquiring minds! You can’t just drop a fusion-bonded-bomb, and leave it hanging!!

I did like that Nils, the father was kind of always the bad guy – and wasn’t given a hand out of a happy ending – he definitely didn’t deserve it. So – for him to not get the ending he probably wanted (or be included in all this Real info and action) was just fine by me. Though, there was that snippet at the end that was a plot string left dangling… presumably for another book in the series. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and look forward to more in the series, should it go that way. I also predict we could see it on the movie screen – it would be great! 

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