A Review of The Fated Sky – A Lady Astronaut Novel, by Mary Robinette Kowal

Continuation of Elma, and all the other Astronaut’s story. With – the reach to travel to Mars & set up colony. Time is ticking, for Book 2 in the Lady Astronaut series. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I did very much enjoy the first book, as well as the second book. 

The book follows the next step of this story – getting the Astronauts to Mars, to begin exploration, and base building in order to save the human race for the impending extinction coming on earth, because of the meteorite impact. 

There is an element of time constraint, obviously. Which naturally is pushed against by the peoples who believe that the coming extinction event is a hoax. Because, you know; humans. Science isn’t enough evidence. Those peoples, naturally throw a lot of wrenches into the process, as expected. It feels accurate, and realistic, as well as moving the plot in all kinds of interesting directions. Creating problems for them to ‘Work.’ 

The characters are well developed, each with their own personality, quirks, personal agendas, and issues. They’re very human. The plot os well thought out, and the many complex plot lines all keep threading forward. The story feels like a complete circle, though it is of course, part of a larger series. The ending doesn’t leave you wanting more – it’s wrapped up well enough – but it does make you want to know more, know the next phase. Sign of a well written story, the perfect balance. 

There is plenty of racism, and sexism through-out; however – this is critical to the story, as well as historically accurate – so it’s suitable. That doesn’t make it easier to read, but it’s necessary. 

There is a fair amount of ‘other languages’ – one of my pet peeves of writers. Though, in enough places there was a translation offered – as was suitable in the the writing. And in others it wasn’t strictly needed. However, it still bugged me enough, because as an inquiring mind – I wanted to know what all the statements were. 

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed the read, and look forward to the third book. 

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