A review of Radicalized, by Cory Doctorow

So, this collection seems to predominantly be themed in  “ you better learn you lessons or this is gonna be you”.  And.. While I get it. Our society is seemingly headed down a very dark path, for when there seems to be no escape – writing a story that’s  supposed t teach you a lesson about somewhere you don’t want to go…. Well. Nope. No thank you. I read for pleasure. Not to encourage suicide. And I also get it – wanting to open people’s eyes, in desperation – to try to change the direction of reality, as we know it. But let me tell you this: Where our humanity is headed is no secret. And also,  many of us want off the train. But it isn’t that simple.  Many people are trying to change these direction – it just isn’t possible. Government  is in control, and they will do whatever they want. People don’t have a real say, and there is no way to actually effect change. Trust me, none of us want to move into a future where people are dying of hunger, because there is no food, or from heat waves, or from widespread diseases, etc etc etc. It’s childish to behave like  just because you want it to be different, and you think you can do something – that things will actually change. It’s wisdom that tells you your actions are pointless. Unless you’re the one who has the power to actually make the rules, decisions etc for all of humanity – your opinion and wishes simply do not matter. That is the truth. 

No, I do not recommend reading this book, unless you want to be encouraged to decrease the population because you’re so depressed you throw yourself off a building, after reading this book. 

*** Mild spoilers ahead ***

Unauthorized Bread

An interesting (but dark) and insightful view of a not too distant future, where smart appliances take a turn for the worse, and only allow you to use certified products in them. Imagine only being able to use a certain brand of bread in your toaster? … And the ramifications of jailbreaking the appliances to circumvent the rules. But also break the law – which is much harder to do, when all your appliances, etc are watching your every mood. (But throw in immigrants to make it super depressing.)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 stars

Model Minority

A twisted re-visioning of Superman, starring also Batman, and Lois Lane. Add  some racist police, and you have a story. ‘American Eagle’ [superman] tries to stop white police racism against black people. White population doesn’t favor this, and turns against him, but what can they really do? He is an all powerful alien from another planet, after all. (The first illegal alien.) He isn’t bothered by it, until they discover his real identity ( NSA, at your service,) and Lois is in danger. 

I felt like this story was trying ot teach me a lesson. Tiring. Not fun. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

2.5 stars


I didn’t finish this story. Maybe half. It is way too frakking depressing. And not in an I-sympathize kind of way, but in a I want to throw myself off a building because this is so miserable; kind of way. 

A story about a guy who is denied treatment, due to it being deemed experimental, for his cancer-dying-wife; joining an anger filled support chat group, and members  suicide-bombing heath insurance agencies after similar situations. 

0 stars

The Masque of the Red Death

Didn’t bother.  The trend of this book seemed evident, and I couldn’t stomach another ‘life lessons’ story. 

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