A review of Existential Thread, by Rick Strater

Special thanks to Netgalley & the book publisher, for allowing me to read and review this book, in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

After slogging through the first 7 chapters, I was bored to tears by the  nearly constant info-dump. ( Yes the content was mildly interesting) but the writing droned on in the most monotone, boring, frustrating way. 

My biggest issue with this book, however, is the blatant sexism, which leads into abusive scenarios. In literally on sentence we are told the ‘Bots’ are sentient ,and have emotions, and feelings. But they’re programmed for a purpose. So it’s perfectly ok to sexually use [abuse] them. But let’s call it what it is – Rape. They have emotions and feelings and you’re not asking consent. Oh, and they’re slaves. 

I was 100% mortified when the character first makes the bot suck his finger, insinuating sexually. Then immediately whips out his penis to demonstrate they do what they’re told. Suck this. 

NO THANK YOU. This book isn’t enjoyable in the slightest. Shame on the author, and the publisher. 

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