A Review of: A Memory Called Empire (Teixcalaan #1), by Arkady Martine

A nice, big, long story about space-faring peoples, in the future. Focuses on people who inhabit a Space-Port, and their relationship with nearby ’empire’ , that rules the area of space system their space station is located in. (planets, galaxy, everything within, etc.)  

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

There are a few different plots woven into the story, which is fun. And well done. One being the Space -port people do not want to be annexed into the Empire, and their ongoing actions to remain independent. Second plot is the death of one of their ambassadors on the Empire planet dies. A new one arrives. And tries to figure out what happened, as opposed to just accepting their supplied answer. 

Good world building – enough detail without bogging down the story. 

However, one of my personal pet peeves is the use of names (people, places, things, etc)  That are made up. And hard to pronounce / remember. If I have to try and sound out a complex difficult nonsensical name every time its used, (and it’s often because that’s the way it goes, because reasons.) I get really annoyed. I solve this by replacing the nonsensical word with something I can use instead in my mind, and go forward as such. But it really annoys me to have to do so. Names are one thing. Annoying. But words to replace actions/functions/jobs/titles/etc? Drives me crazy – trying to recall what ezuezuecatt means.  (Your people are “Teixcalaanlitizm”? now I read “Texicalan”.) Oh your character is named “Yskandr” ? I read ” Kander. 

Overall, I did very much enjoy this book. aside from the personal pet peeve heavily throughout this book. Very well written. Nice and long. Good plots, and character development. Good world building. Good conclusion, but promise of more.

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