Jewellery Hiatus & Writing Instead.

It’s been a very long road recovering my hand injury in 2015. It’s at a point where I have less than optimal strength in my hand, which makes working in the studio challenging. And then there’s the pain. Not to mention the relearning of muscle memory…. So while I have been anxious to get back in there, and work hard to get back to being me and creating again – life has a way of turning things upside down. Again. And again, And again. The latest part of the saga being that while I desire to do it – I currently can’t as my Studio is in boxes. With no expectation date for when I will be able to set it up again. I moved in to a new place, but the rental has gone sideways, and may be moving yet again. I’m not unpacking anything, until I know whether I have to move, or not, and that’s several months away.

……But meanwhile, I’ve been focusing hard on creative writing, and working on a pile of stories that need to happen. So it’s not all bad. You can catch up on that, on my blog page here. I promise to work harder to get more posts up on it. In between writing! I’ve been working on a couple novels, and have submitted several short stories to competitions – but in order to keep them “unpublished” I can’t share them. I can however, share bits and pieces!

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